A Budding Emergencist
Sunday, November 15, 2009
  Lord don't move the mountain..

...Just give me strength to climb it.
Please don't move my stumbling block,
Just lead me, lord, around it.
Don't move this mountain.
--Soulfire, Stand in the Fire

Relaxing after a burly shift in the ER. Working with the right attending/boss on a busy shift is very satisfying. There is a harmony achieved where each will see/work up the different patient, and then switch, to emphasize/modify/push through/confirm/or question each other's workup, blending, persevering, consolidating, reassesing, learning, laughing, frustrating, disbelieving, disapproving, criticizing, resuscitating, reanimating, engaging, enlisting, hand-waving, hand-wringing, consulting, sharing, politicking, magic-making, cajoling, enforcing, patronizing, brow-beating, and testosteroning our way through a shift. The only way out is through! No catastrophe too big! No work environment too austere! No PMD too unreachable! The show must go on!

pic via http://roughwriter.yc.edu/2008/05/because-its-there-2/
Very nice thoughts on your "About me" section. Double thumbs up to "Wear Sunscreen"!!
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