A Budding Emergencist
Thursday, January 04, 2007
2006 Medical Weblog Awards are here!

Go here to vote.

I'm not nominated. Like, whatever, man. Who cares about your stupid contest anyway.

Next: My interview at North Shore-LIJ.
They'll be sorry some day.
Dude, I have like 3 votes... I would've rather not be nominated so I could at least be angry... I voted for Dino though.
Dude, your list of EM blogs rocks. I included it in my bloglines journal club list.

OK...where'd you go? I had grown accustomed to reading your stuff on a regular basis now you've vanished....POOF!

Come back.................
Ditto to surgeon in my dreams...Come back..this blog was just getting good...You were honest and didn't hold back.
Yeah.. please come back...
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