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Saturday, October 21, 2006
  Money Shots from ER blogs
Asking for evaluations is a way to dilute responsibilty. Bureaucrats hate making decisions, especially decisions for which they will be held accountable. Evaluations and other forms of "decision support" are tools to deflect criticism if something goes wrong. Consensus is a totally gutless form of management employed by the spineless.
-Panda Bear

Sunday night. "CODE BLUE, RM._____, CODE BLUE, RM.____," came the blaring hospital intercom system. Damn, it's 3 AM and I'm the only doc in the hospital. The ICU nurses and I are the only ones who answer these Code Blue activations in the middle of the night anyway. Why can't they just call our departments directly by phone instead of blaring it over the loud speakers and waking up all the sick patients in the entire hospital???
-Charity Doc

"Today, people think of us as drug-dispensing walking lawsuits who are in fact less informed than their Internet phones".

Do women dress differently when they ovulate? ...Dr. Kavokin presents a very exhaustive examination/explanation of the causes of Yellow Poo...You will know you are “in” with the nurses when they let you have the last piece of pizza...

"I heard about you used to do spinal taps with your eyes closed," chimes in another[resident at Scalpel's residency alma mater]. "They said you preferred to do it by Zen."

New treatment for DVT--This blows me away. A deep venous thrombosis is crossed with a wire via a percutaneous approach, balloons are inflated on either side of the clot, a thrombolytic is administered through ports between the balloons (remaining in the target area), a spinning twisted wire acts like a blender which chops up the clot, and then everything is sucked back up into the catheter. Instant cure.
-Scalpel or Sword?

And other assorted excellence from my esteemed EN colleagues--see the links on my sidebar!-->
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