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Friday, August 11, 2006
  Personal statement time!
Hello, world!

It's time for me to write my personal statement to apply for an EM residency next year!

Some things to remember when you are writing YOUR PS:

You want to give this impression:

And not this impression as a Personal Statement:

Or this one:

I've heard time and time again that your record, your history, is more examined than your personal statement. Your PS, and also your interview (YMMV) are to ascertain whether or not you have horns and a tail. Also to see if you have a pulse.
oh come on.......I had an intern tell me just yesterday that she was pissed because she had to take her nose piercing out for residency, because "well, doctors shouldn't have piercings."

Patients truely appreciate you being you!! I can't tell you the patients i've had moaning in pain, etc. with 10 people at the bedside, and as soon as everyone leaves, the drama stops, and then they calmly ask me. "oooooo, is that a monroe?"
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